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1. $6 All Day

There's someone running through the ramp parkade; Spilling out over the sides like brush fire; Burning the roof top concrete; And bouncing off pillars in the oil stain dark; Stabbing out holes in whit...

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2. Bank Robber

My daddy was a bank robber; Never hurt no body; He just loved to live that way; And he love to steal your money; Some is rich; And some is poor; And that's the way the world is; But I don't believe in...

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3. Concrete

I don't care no more I've seen the cities on the coast; I watched the seasons come and bounce right off the street; Meet me down by the burned out shell of a town; And I'll take you out for something ...

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4. Good Times

Good times coming back again; I heard the girl upstairs singing; She sang all night; I turned the stereo on; I went out for the evening; I couldn't get that song out of my mind; Good times coming back...

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5. Heatwave

Every second sticks in air so thick; I'm on the stairs and I'm moving slow; Feel the pressure rise under western skies; Until it's go nowhere else to go; There's nothing left to do tonight; Everybody'...

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6. Numbers

We've got no money put aside; Get it and throw it all away; Another day's another time; Got nothing now to do with me; I don't think about the future; I don't like to deal with numbers; We like to sit...

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7. Radar

Step into heavy water, rose up to your knees; Spit shined shoes, john phillip sousa, and domestic oil pcbs; He's counting bank days telling her," everything will work out right..."; Watching distant e...

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8. Remote Control

You know what you're saying; Nothing's accidental; You won't call me later; I'm just a remote control; Remote control; Turn it on and i'll be a bad dream; Stranded in a wall for years; Frozen in a saw...

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9. Slow Stroke

Your mama look like carol channing; She watch the sunset on an 8" black and white tv; She's got a sister in Toronto; You got an old man out in "call me when you're drunk b.c."; He was the king of coro...

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10. The Apartments

7 stories down from where she lives; Below the floor and past the voice; That says that things are his; Through carpets, talking, paint layered on the walls; And eyes that roll like dice; When she wal...

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11. The Company Store

I Slmmed the door at quarter to four; I was headed for the company store; "I'll watch my children starve no more; Tonight I'm going to feed them"; "I haven't worked in 40 days; For 23 I've had no pay;...

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12. Weak

Weak; At the best of times; There's not much else for us to be; Cross country smiles cutting through time zones; Like thieves in the distance holding ransom in the cold; An incision loud and mathemati...

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13. Wide Turn

I never figured us to get so far; All feel and no skin; We had a long run of bad luck, bad scenery; And the worst three seasons this town's ever seen; I had my brother's car and we drove out to the ro...

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14. Windows

There's no windows in here; They boarded them all up last year; I'm white as a fish in the sun; And hard as the butt of a gun; Bent over sweating; Steal all that I can and still look in the mirror; Yo...

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