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1. Robot Bride

Scientific minds and scientific times; called you off my table; made you ready and able; to break down my heart; break down my heart; Hit the Switch, electric shock; She's alive, with synthetic locks;...

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2. Selena Gomez

When magic doesn't feel like your scene; When life gets rough cuz you're a pop star queen; You've gotta catch a train to milwaukee; We'll catch a show like HSM 3; Ooo baby the road isn't too far; Ooo ...

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3. Selena Or Miley

They are divas of Disney; two colored people Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana; Two Girls, gotten passionate for the same boy the Nick Jonas; two Goddesses, Two Muses; They are wonderful; th...

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4. Sweater Weather

We'll do the best with what we're dealt; Call their bluffs, and bet ourselves; Ace is high and we'll be swimming; up my sleeve is our last winnings; Summer weather lasts too shortly; 14 weeks will not...

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