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1. Lorraine's Song

She came in lookin' good and lookin' around; She's checkin' out every man in the room right now; Don't go tellin' her about right or wrong; She's been alone way to long; The heart is a lonely hunter; ...

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2. Love Song For Bobby Long

Brewton Alabama at The Colonial Inn, hot day, old orange juice, some vodka on a night stand, there's a Chevy Nova with the seat burned out the back, from a Winston cigarette, that was stumped into the...

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3. Slidell

I heard they cleaned the wreck outside a Slidell, just before the dawn. I heard five people got murdered by a drunk woman talking on her cell phone. I got drunk last night in slidell, waiting on the c...

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4. Washboard Lisa

Standin' on the corner of Royal Street, on a Sunday afternoon; Out there by the old A & P; barefoot in the sun in June. I saw her playin' with the; big brass band with old Gate Junior on guitar; I saw...

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