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1. Baphomet

The hidden face of Satan; Black angel of hell; Protected by the moonlight; Whispering the spell; Baphomet; Rites of the goat's sabbath; Destroys minds, reaps souls; Sigil of pentagram; The black magic...

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2. Black Vengeance

Death will be black; Black like this night; Apocalyptic winds of damnation; Brings suffering to sons of Jehovah; Mayhem against God; Destruction against Christ; Demons rises to the earth; To reing in ...

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3. Dangerous Cult

Demons summoned; Meeting of abominations; Into the pentagram; Chants of damnation; The brotherhood of Satan; Awaiting your funeral; Necromancy is the key; You'll be the gate; Dangerous cult; See you i...

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4. Decline Of Faith

In the name of God; Religion spills; A sea of blood; Mankind falls; In suffering; In the cry of death; The holy wars; Carnage; Sacred punishment; Slaves of the gospel; Blindness; Twisted minds; When t...

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5. Holocaust / Outro

Indulged hierarchy of pain; Worshippers of miserable fall; Heavenly contempt as acid rain; Condemneds cast down to the wall; My bands upholding the ashes; Daring sign of sovereignty; This ashes once f...

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6. Insult

In the holy misery of God; The world declines; While the seventh trumpet announces; The vengeance time; The reign comes ridden the beast; The death comes ripping; Revengeful legions of the night bring...

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7. Intro / Faces Of Apocalyptic Battle

Marching towards armageddon; Misery and meeks fills our horizon; Udner the winds of personification; Of the purest christian domination; Open wide the front lines; The bloodred moon shines; Unsilent s...

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8. Jesus Joint

Jesus joint; Heavenly narcotic; Smoke of woman; Smell of death; Jesus joint! Jesus joint; Angel's jay; Praying to say; Hear and obey; Jesus joint! Jesus joint; Tear apart; The bible and start; To roll...

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9. Poisoned Purity

So pure and so beauty are their clear; The passing of life and the coming of death; Only the sepulchral silence to hear; Smell of death taking their breath; Poisoned purity; Agony and lust; Predatory ...

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10. Serpent Seedline

Satan's offspring; Black blood; Fallen angels; Root of sin; Caim's seed; Ungodly; Sons of perdition; In covenant; Serpent seedline; Woman in temptation; Spellbound; Lost virginity; Pregnant by evil; S...

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11. Stained By Blood

Cries from the abyss rising again; Echoes and mourns ripping the winds; Those who pledge allegiance to God; Are preyers for those who hail the master; Approaching the time of revenge; The hatred is bu...

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12. Stared To Hell

Depths of hell calling your name; Ring the bell and make you insane; Laid to rest possessed within; You're the last to embrace the sin; Hideous visions; You have no choice; Ill benedictions; Can't hea...

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