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1. As a Tower

Oh father, when I see that look in your eyes; I know you are afraid of dying; And if we cannot quell the silence in strides; Would it be for our lack of trying? Time, unyielding; In the hour; We had h...

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2. Blessed Be, Honey Bee

Blessed be, honey bee; When you're lying next to me; I'm a hibernating grizzly bear, grizzly bear; Grizzly bear, a grizzly bear; We don't need to rise for anything; We'll spend the winter sleeping off...

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3. Brooklyn

City tilts her crooked face; Press her lips against my ear; Whisper secrets that I'd longed to hear for so long; Waking hazel eyes observe; Aging storefronts, undisturbed; I see God in all the tiniest...

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4. Darling, Wife

Darling wife, my darling wife; Won't you stay awake another life; Our kids have grown, they've left our home; They are doing fairly well out on their own; Don't work too hard; My darling wife; Do you ...

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5. Elinor With The Golden Hair (Tsukimi)

Harvest moon, my harvest moon; (skies that could swallow you whole); Bright red moon, my harvest moon; (oceans are calling you home); Cover me in the thin silver reeds, the green eulalia; (I can see y...

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6. Happy New Year

Call your brothers over, climb those flights of stairs; Bundle up, it's cold out there out on the roof; Your baby's gone away and drinking cold champagne counting down and locking lips with someone ne...

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7. In a Cave

Feel the earth move slowly 'neath your hurried feet; In your heart, a glowing coal; And I long to drill a cave where we could sleep; We return to ancient roles; If the sun leaves you dry, then I'll ta...

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8. Minimum Wage

There's a full moon taking up the sky; And a red eye flight that won't collide; With the clouds that roll and pirouette; Even though they are aligned with it; Oh the air smells like a cheap bouquet; I...

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9. Napoleon's Left Shoe

You wrote these words on a summer day; Fountain pen floating with partial dismay; It's a strange business, looking back; Seeing just how far you fell; Deacons of war and econo-maze; Beating life out o...

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10. Pearrygin (Quite a Quiet)

I sat in the dark, stared out at the shapes in the clouds; And listened to birds dive into a lake; And flutter their wings through the wake; Bright stars in the sky, great sycamores saying goodbye; Th...

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11. Piano Room

Baby, my baby; I do what I can for you; Lately, my baby; I feel like you're looking for proof; Like what do I do on nights like these? When I am so drunk I'm down on my knees; When I can't tell red fr...

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12. Raindrops (Matsuri)

Listen to all the people walking in the rain; Hear the young mother guide her children by the hand; All the sound of life; All the sound of love; Listen to buildings being torn down to make more room ...

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13. Seward Park

Let's drive around at night; Illuminate headlights; We'll find a field of grass; And we'll pass the hours slow dancing away; The years of all the hurt; Falling on the dirt; Yea I know you've got scars...

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14. Sirens

Spent so many nights; Wondering where you are; Riding on your bike; Doing what you like without me; Oh can't you see? This house is very cold, the floors are very old; The neighbors walk and keep me u...

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15. The Passenger (Minuet For Americans)

O' the open aired passenger, his chin moved up the left; O' the open aired passenger, his brain fell out his head; His wife in pink, what did she think; As she held his remainder in her hands; Scrambl...

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