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1. Fall With You

How can I count the stars that shine for me; How can I keep the time when you're close to me; Will I wake and find it can never be; I'm not sure enough, I'm not sure enough; If I'm asleep and you shou...

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2. Lace & Leather

It's not love, it's not fate, it's just time that could not wait; Nothing's wrong except tonight, if you were here it would be alright; All these clouds ask me why, please don't stop just pass me by; ...

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3. Let Yourself Go

Under the door I saw the light creep in; The air was thick, but the walls were thin; It wasn't long before I heard that ringing in my head; So late at night I saw the sandman go; He didn't say goodbye...

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4. Love Is Warm

Who stole the spotlight, who swept the floor, a new salvation looks just like the one before; A splash of crimson, a dash of grey, that sound is all around and never goes away; Move when the drum beat...

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5. Make You Mine

Make you mine, make you mine; No tomorrow must lovers wait; Change your mind even if you know it's already past too late; Make you mine, make you mine, there's no other we'll find a way; Every word cl...

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6. Our Love

I've read the pages from the corner of my eye; But they didn't tell me what was meant to be; I listened to the wind as it wrapped around my feet; And I tripped upon the words you'd sent to me; Born wh...

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7. Restless

In the heart of me, in the heart of me; In the heart of my soul; In the heart of me, in my sanctuary; With the flame that burns cold; I kneel by the water and pray to the sky; For all sons and daughte...

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8. Save The World

Aspiring temples built by man left trembling in the shifting sand; Against the law attraction knows, a chemical reaction slows; The chatter coming from the brains of secret silver service names; The l...

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9. The Future

I remember it like yesterday as I was leaving home; But really home was leaving me, so I took my first train all alone; Somehow the world was bigger then with nothing I could lose; And nowhere became ...

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10. This Time

I don't know when it was something went wrong; But I can't go on, I can't go on; All these words never leave me alone; And they feel so strong, they feel so strong; Nobody said that I wouldn't stop th...

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