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1. 50 Year Storm

Do you know what this is? Two keys of uncut crystal meth. What is this shit? That shit's crystal meth. You think I like this haircut? My wife wants me to stay at the Ramada. Utah, meet Deatz, Deatz, U...

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2. A Chat With The Pentagon

We're puppets in the same sick play. We serve the same master, he's unloyal and ungrateful and theres nothing we can do about it. ; Anarchy, chaos, and bedlam are consuming the entire world, this is o...

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3. A Misappropriation Of Sector Resources

You have killed our women and children, bombed our cities from afar like cowards, and you dare to call us terrorists? The first weapon will be detonated on an uninhabited island as a demonstration. I'...

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4. A Shocking Interrogation

It goes all the way back to the war. I'm listening Charlie brought in heroin to finance the VC government. Shadow Company killed everybody, but we also formed a plan. ; A couple of years ago Shadow Co...

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5. Big Mouth

Friendship; to you it means nothing time and time again you betray friends with lies; and your gossip the stories you tell can hurt like hell! it's your big mouth and it's getting on my nerves you kno...

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6. Border Crossing

You ought to start a stand up act. Youre just wasting your idiot humor on me. Jesus Christ. Pops, don't start with this shit. ; Of all the goddamn shitholes in Mexico. Because of you, my brothers dead...

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7. Breaking Free

Mourning for what? a lost friend i don't need. i never pressured you to live the way that i do you're tied for last in a one man race, you shoved your views in my face. i don't like it! why does shit ...

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8. Captives Of The Thuggee

They said their children were taken from them. They dig for gems to support our cause. Children are small they can work in tunnels. They bring them here to work in the mines. ; I should have killed yo...

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9. Corpserate Greed

Arsenics. Detectives detecting shit. Did you just call me a tick? I shit you not. Black bitches, coke stuffed corpses, Body bags, you're draining the lifesblood out of the department.

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10. Dutch And The Demon

I don't care who you are, back in the world, I'll bleed you. Real quiet and leave you here. I ain't got time to bleed. ; You got time to duck? Bunch of slack jawed fuckers around here. This shit will ...

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11. Finish What You've Started

Sometimes i just see what i want to be. we started off right tried to unite lost our sight; now it all bites what you want; i don't want what you need; i don't need want to fight; see the light punch ...

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12. Game Time

We're getting juked, we're gonna die, he's alive, he's paralyzed. I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with incinerators, and fall back by squads to the apc over? Maybe you haven't been keeping u...

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13. Hauser

Jesus, I don't exist. Don't try to follow me. What the fuck is going on here? You cant install a simple goddamn double implant? Its not my fault, we hit a memory cap. Use your hear you dumb bitch hes ...

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14. High Hopes

When you're on your high horse and things aren't going your way you really don't appreciate what you wanted bad yesterday. but if i lost it - i'd still be the same it won't break my spirit - i'll look...

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15. Hold Your Ground

A step apart, i don't fit in with my peers, but i don't give a shit laughed at in the streets of my town their laughter hurts, but i'll hold my ground hold your...ground hold your...hold your ground i...

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16. Improvement Society

For dalton, danger was always part of the game. Stabbed, shot at, and broken every bone in his body, he's an expert at taking out the trash. "Can I buy you guys a drink?"; Taking, and taking, until so...

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17. Marmot

Fascist. Dios mio man, we're gonna fuck you up. Well that's just like, your opinion man, let me tell you. Pederast, eight year olds. ; You pull any of your crazy shit with us, an flash your piece on t...

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18. Massacre!/main Title

We've been blowing up the world for years, I'm surprised it took them this long to get here. Think of all the risks, think of all the stakes. Haven't you bastards ever heard of the first amendment? No...

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19. No Reason Why

You're always on my back about what i mean to do and all your talk is bothering me just wait until i'm through i walk down to the corner store to catch up with my friends they're puffin smoke high on ...

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20. Not Economically Viable

The girl at the drive-by said, a guy in a shirt and tie, attacked her homeboys with a baseball bat. When I asked them for a loan, they said I wasn't economically viable. We're having a territorial dis...

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21. Personal Stuff

Billy Bedlam, diamond dog, cirus the virus, garland green. Nothing quite like seeing a grown man piss his pants. Hes a fort of misplaced rage, name your clich, mother held him too much, or not at all,...

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22. Picnic At The Galleria

You scared? That will give us more time with your daughter. Youre a funny guy sully, that's why I kill you last. Remember when I said I was going to kill you last, well, I lied. ; Leave anything for u...

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23. Prove It

Prove it. Stand on one foot. My own Terminator. You ok kid? Take a hike bozo. ; Let's get out of here. My own Terminator. Prove it. Stand on one foot. Oh my absent God. Tried to help this punk.

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24. Rotten Kid

Fuck you. You senile bastard. This is bullshit. I like your gun man. Jesus had days like this hounded and attacked like a criminal. ; Nuke. Where is it made? I really like your gun man, where is it ma...

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25. Tactical Destruction

Comrades. America is a whorehouse, where the revolutionary ideals of your forefathers are bought and sold in the alleyways of capitalism. If i here a chopper, you're dead. comrades, if a fox stole you...

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26. The Dream Left Behind

From your blood just one drop has a billion strands of DNA. The building blocks of life. DNA strands are like blueprints for a living thing, sometimes animals like dinosaurs go extinct. ; Since it's s...

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27. Todd And Janelle

Todd and Janelle are dicks, but Ive got to warn them. That dog is barking. What the fuck is that god-damned dog barking at? Shut the fuck up youu god-damned mutt. John come home, I made casserole. You...

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