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1. Do It The Hard Way

She said I'm gonna get more, more out of living every day; She said I know how to get more out of life if I just had more time; If I can just keep on taking when someone else is giving it away; That w...

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2. Dreams

Oh I, I believe in magic and I believe in dreams; Until I heard the thunder rumble; I saw the mountains crumble; Then came the circus so I followed its parade; With all the fancy lion-tamers, high-wir...

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3. El Diablo

El Diablo I can feel your power in my soul; Dancing like your puppet though I try to break your hold; Half succeeding still I find I’m healing quickly; You’ll not trick me one more time; El Diablo you...

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4. Face To The Wind

Too much of life has fallen through my hands; I pray the lord I get another chance; To face the raging storm and test ist hands; Face to the wind; Too many hours making future plans; Afraid to gaze up...

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5. Full Moon Man

No wind blows. As silky as my Full Moon Lover moves. In the idle wilds of summer breezes. ; No love grows. Any warmer than his fireside eyes. Oh midnight with a lover. When the season pleases. ; And h...

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6. Garden Of Man

Garden Of Man; Harmony is in your hand. If we will believe; Sweet Promises of fantasy; That comes from every land. And we can grow. Grow grow grow; Grow grow grow; Until we can see our love; Directed ...

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7. Mistreater

Well she drives 'round town; In an Ace Cadillac; She's got a tongue like a whip; Runnin' right across your back; If you turn 'round; Sometimes you'll bring her down; She's got a face like an angel; Sh...

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8. Seasons

When the winter comes the sun is low upon the fields; The sky is cold and it throws down icy snow; The lakes are glass the rivers all a frozen mass; The trees are bare and the northwind blows the air;...

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9. Wrecking Ball

Cheaters, walking downtown with their; Hands in your pockets feeling cheated; Killers on the street; Talking jailbirds getting mistreated; You wanna get greeted; Well, welcome to the Wrecking Ball; Ta...

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