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1. Angel

Take my hand just to be my love; These wings won’t learn to rise; In the pale and wicked light beneath the skies; Broken, blinded, you are paralysed; You belong to them who believe they’ll be denied; ...

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2. Dark Salvation

1.Dark Salvation; Half as bright, twice as long; Message from times yet to come; Misty fields of no return; Only the wicked children burn; If you don’t behave yourself; You are going straight to hell;...

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3. Darkside

I see you stuck in here; And you will fall apart; The maggots eat your hopes, if any; Can you feel the sadness come; Beyond a fear unknown; Is love as strong as death? I'm gonna take you away; Out fro...

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4. Devil

Hey Devil what is your plan today; I didn’t know that it would be like this; Hey Devil is it never enough for you; Or won’t you quit until I’m on my knees; You make it really hurt when everything is d...

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5. Dusk Till Dawn

nto the blackness where our minds can flee the real life; Behind the curtain there's a place where we can all hide; Here live the dark ones we are standing side by side; Towards the night we raise our...

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6. Emperor

Can you feel it coming; I said to you it was; Can you see them burning; The bridges and the cross; All that's left are pieces; But we're not the same; Could it be that nothing remains? Can you feel it...

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7. Forgotten

Sun sets on the final day; Waking up from a thousand plagues; Light hurts in the orphant's eye; Imprison faith in the newborn child; We are forgotten, Our minds locked up in fear; We are forgotten, Bu...

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8. Freak

Once enchanted by your gloomy presence; Did that belong to a different world; All broken down by your feigned contrition; Could never drown, but will become; A witch that burns; You're such a freak; S...

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9. Gothic Anthem

We couldn’t realise how far; They would go this time; An unforeseen future is; What we must deny; It doesn’t matter if it’s; Coming the right way out; When we are sinking to; The bottom line; My mind ...

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10. Happiness In Darkness

I lit a candle; It cast a spell each night; I tell you warheads; The beast will never die; Bow to the empire; And follow Master’s call; You hear the black horns; Welcoming you all; Darkness; We live t...

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11. Hatred

Force out the demons inside; Wake up the evilness; A blood streaming bride; You’re standing at the gates of fear; Let yourself crucify; In time for the scare; What if I could be your God; What if I co...

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12. Leviathan

Sometimes the shadows come to life; These walls fade before your eyes; Enter a distant realm of abnormalities; We had the same dream only I believe; We belong in the unknown; We belong to fear; For we...

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13. Mammoth

A fallen angel; Broken inside; The old estate lies; Broken in time; Crawling maggots; Itching in your mind; Beneath the walls; The dead skin rise; Like a twisted from a sky painted red; A tall dark sh...

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14. March Of The Dead

Could it be that you’re feeling down again; Could it be that you’re crawling somewhere; Can you bring back the death; You are seeing the visions from the past; You are here to join us soon; And make i...

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15. Monsters

Why do you believe in monsters? We have been locked up in this evil house; It is where you live with your wicked monsters; We are the prisoners of death and decay; It is where you live, but your dream...

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16. Nachtzehrer

Here comes the last caress; From deep beyond the grave; Burn slowly time to rest; Slave to this manifest; Need the one to save your soul; Impossible to hide it; Need the one to rise again; So the futu...

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17. Post Ludium

We are the ones and now we have; Opened your eyes to see the dark; We are the ones and when we are; Gone we remain unknown for some; But you know by then; It’s too late to mend; ; ; by SolraC

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18. Pray

I pray for you; For you are not the same; I pray for you; Tomorrow is your day (2x); They tried to tell you not to listen; They tried to make you to understand; They wanted you to be like the masses; ...

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19. Shadows Of Evil Sins

In the shadows of evil sins; Cries a little child; She is drawing forbidden things; From the dark side of her mind; She belongs to a different world; A world that is filled with love; Nothing could ev...

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20. Sideshow

Creepy freaks that I used to mock; They took revenge, I woke up in a shock; I'm one of them now; My limbs are gone; And my eyes turned inside out; I'm on a sideshow; So won't you please leave me alone...

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21. Swallowed By The Earth

If we died tonight; Would it ever be the same; If it’s over now; Would I comfort you again; If there’s no return; From the realm of blackened wings; If there’s no release; From the pain you feel withi...

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22. The Almighty

And her hair was as black as ravens; When I met her; And her eyes were so sparkling and tender; Felt I knew her; Bow my head to the Almighty; I have lost my way; Time stood still when we danced the la...

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23. The Calling

She’s bearing a vicious featus; Descendent from a distant past; It holds an ancient secret; The curse will unfold at last; It carries the force of angels; Transmitting from the phantom land; For heali...

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24. The Holy One

Another day another; Face it didn’t mean; Anything; It shouldn’t happen; This way; Could you neglect to; Show respect and price; Your advice you give; Our kingdom a name; But now you started; The fire...

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25. We Die In Dreams

She casts no shadow in the streets of the dead machines; and ruined children are the angels in our dreams; And these are changes in a world she used to know; She found redemption in a past that came u...

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26. Welcome

Welcome to your mind; Where all beasts and demons gather inside; The moaning echoes from your own lullaby; If you dare to meet them they all come alive

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27. Wish

I’ve been away for a while now; I have been gone in myself; Time has deranged my emotions; And I, I have fought against my hell; Do you wish to be invincible ? Do you wish to rule the world ? Long bef...

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28. Your Saviour

You wanna run like hell; To the beating drum; For this is no good place to die; You see that; Nothing here is motionless; 'Cause all your fears are out tonight; I'm here to be your saviour; And take i...

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