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1. Farther Away

I took their smiles and I made them mine. I,I sold my soul just to hide the light. And now I see what I really am, A thief a whore, and a liar. I run to you, Call out your name, I see you there, farth...

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2. Heaven's Dead

Anchor the night, open the sky; Hide in the hours before sunrise; Pray for me not, I won’t lose sight; Of where I belong and where you lie; Heaven’s dead when you get sad; I see your wishes fly; Out o...

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3. I And Identify

Love, Suffer, Patient, Kind; And never bow - jealousy; Earth, Selfish, No angry; No memory won't, separate my wicked ways; Reach for the sky, Don't let it get away; I and identify - This is what love ...

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4. Set It Off

He was standing at the rock; Gathering the flock; And getting there with no directions; And underneath the arch; It turned into a march; And there he found the spark to; Set this fucker off; He said s...

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5. Vain

From the way that you acted; to the way that I felt it; It wasn't worth my time; and now it's sad cause all I missed; wasn't that good to begin with; and now that I've started you begging; saying thin...

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6. Zero

My reflection dirty mirror; There's no conection to myself; I'm your lover, I'm your zero; I'm your face in your dreams of glass; so save your prayers for when you really gonna need'em; throw out your...

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