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1. A Gout From The Scar

Mist blurred my eyes; Fear blocked my ears; I could not see; Inmost atrocities; Words... Rip wide inner wounds; If spoken out like swords; As the prince spoke out daggers; Voices are too weak; To perc...

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2. Anticlimax

'To feel the colour of darkness; Caressed by this freezing breeze... nooo!'; No reflections from a waterpool; Will feed allucinations; Art is left to burn on the stake; To bestow life into the highest...

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3. Art Bleeds

Life is; A luminous halo; A shower of atoms'; 'works of art are made; Of endless loneliness; It's only lave who can grasp and cherish them; Time is not a measure here; To be an artist means to grow li...

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4. As Blood Moves

The wind now rose with great violence; The moon was beginning to descend; The clouds swept across it and dimmed her rays; While the lake reflected the scene of the busy heavens; Rendered still busier ...

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5. Asteroid

No start, never to end; Rolling to nowhere; Cores of gaseous dust; Infertile fragments; Of what once were planets; I'm source of no light; Cold, no heart, just fright; Eternal life in black; No planet...

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6. Black Canvas

A blank canvas is the widest place; Where the whole art is standing still; The sky - to give shape to a masterpiece; Is full - I need the artist's mystic will; Of flaming darkness; To make choices, my...

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7. Blood Sweating Wall

Please don't see, don't look at me, blood flows free; Please don't pray, don't look at this night sky; Advancing wrinkles encroaching upon moonskin; The long night of the dead; Begins with the moon an...

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8. Cognitive Sinergy

Briars and plumes; Appears the cauldron; Archaic heinous ritual; Yearning for revealing; The lineage of the soul; Archaic... heinous; Relentless is the deluge; The squall loves the whirlwind; Virtuosi...

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9. H.i.v

Fluid as blood, uncoiled like a stream; Of venomous thoughts; Silent and vicious; The species seeps within; Impure, horrific; Evil, sick-sick-sick septic; The viscera degenerate eternally; Twisted hor...

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10. I Shall Hang Myself

The ceiling of my mind is a banqueting hall<br>Thousand cockroaches shift on the floor<br>I had a night in which everything was revealed<br>Cockroaches comprise a truth I'll never speak<br>They were t...

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11. Primordial Scenery

(the land of replaced souls); Shudders of life; Through my fainted eyes run; What astonishment; Those golden mountains; They raise sage; Omniscent dust throughout time; Orgies of colours; White clouds...

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12. Quasars

There is a blackness riddled with starlight; So deep that distance flows on time, over time; Where the substance extends beyond sight; And silence seems to be wordless to rhyme; Silence seems so sad a...

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13. Sailing To Achernar

Dead blackest space; I voyage to see this void; To reach that star ablaze; With self-brightening beauty; The moon was kissing the sea; A hopeful eyes wave; Is their flying soul; And the sailing ships ...

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14. Shader

Of all spectacles of nature; There's one angels cannot miss; It's the moon who loves our star; She hides him into her kiss...within... ; Centuries of horror... Centuries of horror; A moonskin alien br...

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15. Skin Legacy

Raving mental storms hang on my skin; Oppression in the cruel scenery of dim sights; "Tear my limbs, lacerate the relish of infinity; Rape what my thoughts foresee beyond your limits..."

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16. Skymorphosis

Fuck you God for giving light to a miserable; Show me you exist in the emptiness of Heaven; Please gouge my eyes; I used to stare at the stars; Miriad of stars, a lot of lies; Just one night the map c...

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17. Snowfall

Roaming through the dark; And calm air of the night; As nature cries; Frozen tears sway down; To the tepid heart of earth... ; (you never heard; The cries of earth fall down!); Where their freezing ki...

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18. The Missing Planet

It took me time to realise; The great flame for my heart burnt; And for my angel star it was suicide; I miss my burning sun; The atmosphere I breathe; I miss refreshing waters; Streams flowing on; The...

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19. The Soul-slitters

Red rivers of blood; Free from the chains of flesh; Dissolve and merge into; White tongues of ice; Like shreds of a sinking sun; Seeping through hanging clouds; That announce one more waking up; A new...

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