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1. 5000 At The Funeral

O dear traitors, come confidently; I wish you to come by the thousand; Gallons of mead shall be prepared; in the city where the king was killed; Let us cry on his grave and have a ceremony for him; It...

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2. Air de l'ordre


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3. Birds Of Sulphur

Redemption always comes from the sky ! There's no escape. they deserve to perish; Pain and torture will open the gates of mass delirium; Strike all the cowards to the ground, their cursed souls shall ...

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4. Blackout

With suffering but alive, I'm running through decimated bodies; Gapping, suppurated, oozing, are the wounds of my bloodbrothers; Through blood for freedom, I rise up against these dictators; Vindicati...

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5. Carved In The Wind

The wild ones must be slain; Vengeance fulfilled by the wrath of the great one; O perun ! utter the ancient words of power; Allow me to cast a merciless doom upon them; O perun ! may we strike them ha...

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6. Chronicle From The Stone Age

Borned into an ageless fossilized tribe, at last I wake up; My body and my Heart both bleed for Man's destiny; As budding as disappointing, it will hasten Adam's coming; Now all seems clear and outlin...

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7. Edaenia 2312

See the scene of devastation; Brought about by your father; Your hope's here, you will learn; How to rebuilt a future; Touch the ravaged land; Bequeathed by your ancestors; Your saviour's here, you wi...

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8. Eternal Messiah

Will you recognize the nature of your roots? Will you find, in the engraved burning stone your personal search? Imagine a profitable prophecy announced monolith of Man's rebirth; Hear the messiah's na...

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9. Here Die Your Gods

Spread your soul into futile religions; Folklore of your existence; Your customs dash; Your perception of reality; Rejoin mathematics cult of science... Your knowledge of the universe; Has sealed men'...

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10. Hidden Genocide

I try to assert myself, I seek to dominate; The end justifies the means, I will be merciless; I hold the ability to destroy, I have the power to kill; The end justifies the means, I will design some d...

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11. Life Controller

I'm a newborn granted the opportunity to live; Future representative of my race, I have been chosen; I've seen many others that have been ripped apart; Is it a crime to regulate one's own for the rest...

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12. Obsequium Minaris

We are legions; Hidden through the ages; Secret among secret, embedded in masses, we're acting; Manipulating, killing by necessity, we're protecting; Soracle's prophecy; Adam and Edaenia; The next hum...

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13. State Of Secret

In the depths of rock and earth, I took shape; By my father's lunacy and genius, I built up awarences; Father, engrave, slit; Fill up my veins; My influence spread, my power soared, my legions convert...

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14. The Axe Of God

They have learnt to fight in the forest; and live in harmony with nature; They have knowledge of a territory that is hostile to us; I know there is nothing they can fear; But the anger of the queen; T...

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15. Thirst For Power

If i could control my dreams, be the master of my nights; Relive the struggles of my days, not to suffer but dominate these fights; If I could rule a universe where only my person would matter; And no...

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16. Tribute Of Blood

We can wait for years outside; Great will be our pleasure to hear you beg; We know it won't be long before you to run out of resources; Soon you will not have enough to survive; You'll become only dea...

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17. Varangian Paradise

When the best men of dereva arrive; They will be welcomed with open arms; Here they will find the food the women and the wine; Soak the shoots of birch; Heat the water scorching hot; Fill the room wit...

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