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1. It's The Stare

Maybe it’s the rain that’s swaying all of my opinions. But with every step you take, They seem rehearsed and unforgiving. Could you rehearse that pickup line one more time? And show us what you’ve rea...

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2. On Your Birthday

Dress me up; Dress me sharp, chic, and trendy; No matter what I do, I can't compete with you; So come out and show me when you're ready; On your birthday, in your birthday suit; I'd pay money just to ...

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3. Routine And Dollar Signs

This could be a test of desire; so stay until the lights burn out. Dreams are unoriginal, and movement’s traditional. So keep moving because everyone’s watching; and scoring your every move. The feeli...

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4. With You

The real me is a southern girl; With her Levi's on and an open heart; Wish I could save the world; Like I was super girl; The real me used to laugh all night; Lying in the grass just talking about lov...

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