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1. Blowing Dirt

Blowing dirt off the footpath; Leading by example is passed; Like the rest of it; Ahhh; Speeding up but slowing down; More; The less the better; But not I; Broken make up here; The weight on your shou...

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2. Buck It Up

He said so; He said I oughta stop it; He said I; He said I oughta buck it up; Its been so; Its been so long I know; Shes so alone; I'm kissin goodbye she'll pucker up; Someone buck it up; Someone buck...

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3. Cement

When I read about it; I read it in your eyes; How we over do it; There's broken chairs in here; But like cement; We can't be bent; You pay my rent; We can go on and on; How we over do it; I'm running ...

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4. Fiji Baby

When we went to Hamilton; I said "just pretend its; a holiday." And You said; "I'll just pretend its fiji baby"; You drive me up the; wall sometimes you say; its better if we spend; sometime away. ; I...

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5. Sophie

Just 'cos I know where she lives, I won't stick around like adhesive; Instead I'll skin my knees; And wait between; She'll tug on my imagination; I wait for an indication; Systematic smiles with it; C...

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