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1. Abysmal Grief

Inside of the trees; The ancient spirits are crying; They have lost their beliefs; Appease in their wait of dying; The gates are locked; They are trying to get in; But the guardians of Styx; Are the r...

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2. Blaspheme In Blood

Deep in my dreams; I am your eternal son; Lucifer you were; Born in my blood; You married the dark; And gave me eternal life; But now you are dead; Slumbering I pray; Lost in God’s domain; Between the...

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3. Inhumation Of Shreds

Rotting in hades; Never shown the light; Inhumation of shreds; The shreds of a chaotic life; Lost is my soul; Sentenced to burn in hell; And that is all that remains; In peace I never will dwell; Esti...

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4. Left To Die

Left to die; All are dead but you are living; It hurts inside; To see yourself alone; Search the path; Where all the dead are walking; Or live your life; Til death are closing your eyes; Life goes on;...

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5. Spiritually Deceased

Another one is perished; Another soul into ashes; From beyond beholding life; As a paradise impossible to reach; Lost but still wondering; Wondering why you are kept from there; The only answer you wi...

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6. Zephaniah Dwells

Bring the light; A sign of the holy sepulchre; The first born son; The one who will shreds; Sermonize; Just shroud his rotten body; But he will not die; Cause he is still got the sight; The Gods will ...

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