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1. Bloodhound

Lashes bite deep into the skin; Deathwish prevents the screaming; Won't loose the count, no; Can't hide from this foe; Bloodhound – give it to me; Set me on fire; Bloodhound, where are you; Don't yo...

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2. Devil May Care

It is quiet in my heart; This place, can't take it; By the fading sunlight; My demon, takes his seat; Devil of mine, tell me your name; I'm in your game, drive me insane; My life for your cause; Today...

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3. Dismal Gleams Of Desolation

Lying in my bed, afraid to fall asleep; The time passes by so fast as I'm thinking of the past; Plans for tomorrow so vast, my pointless life without peace; No reason to make it last; [Chorus]; The ni...

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4. Exhaling Timeless Tedium

Echo from the depths of sorrow; Filled by voices of tedium; Losing the reality...the opacity of existence; Thoughts become numb...human guises misled; [Chorus]; Extinguishing pain; Immortalized suffer...

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5. In My Darkness

My absorption inside the circle of confusion; I finally reach the consolation... Awhile I am falling in a drowning dream; I see myself in a dark room... Where the shadows of astray souls make walls to...

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6. Loveless

Engulfed by a sense of loneliness; Feeling empty inside I silently cry; With tears in my eyes I scream for your name; You were so real, like the way it should be; Emotions failed, forsaken by what I a...

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7. Mustang

Start your engine, world knows you're mine. Set free your horses, show me what you have. ; I know you won't let me down. With you the roads are always open. ; I will tune you up, make you so quick. I ...

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8. Silver Skulls

Do you remember all the faces, bodies behind the barbwire. Do they appaer in your dreams, can you hear their screams? Silver skulls shining bright, as the flames climb higher. Silver skulls shining br...

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9. The End Of Eternity

Tell me what I see, are the sands of time ending for me? Tell me the stories untold, 'cause I know that tomorrow won't come; Let me feel the forgotten fears of our darkest dreams; Take me to the hidde...

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10. The Pillar

I'm hanging silent from the pillar; Can't move, the pain is severe; No fear, I know, time's near; The world I knew isn't here; An old woman in a mourning veil; Standing outside in the pouring rain; Wh...

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11. There Where Seven Suns Shine

Rise up to the dark colours, travel through the yesterday clouds; Ride with the cold autumn winds... There where seven suns shine; Walk with the whispering gods... Learn the secrets beyond... Until an...

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12. Tomorrow Is Never

Sun's dying, I'm the one, the onewho's time has come. I'm glad to be back, with a rope around my neck. ; Tomorrow is never, I'm free, forever. Tomorrow is never, I'm going to the next level. ; No pain...

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13. Waiting For The Unknown

You didn't want me to fall; And you have always been there; Hiding in the dark mist you saw me withering away; Why can't you let me die (Release me!); So that I can fall in eternal sleep; As I'm waiti...

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14. Who Lives Will See

Watch the dark clouds go by... Look away and see the humble absorbed in sad thoughts; Believing in God, whom they will never see; Not knowing that their soul won't be saved; [Chorus]; He who lives in ...

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