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1. Brake, Brake!

Go, But the lights are red, we're waiting on the starting line, can hear my heart beating, my mouths so dry, And Yeah, Don't waste no time, Strap yourself in dont be shy, Tonight.. ; The Roads we don'...

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2. Drive To The City

You move around like the sound of a melody in my head, Just you with your note saying "P but you're missing C" and that's me, And yeah it's about time when we need to go somewhere, It's true there are...

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3. Forever My Father

You don't have to be so scared; You don't have to go tonight; I just need to hold on tight; One hell of a ride; And we lost it all just now; To the nights that left you out; So we'll let this go someh...

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4. Forget About It

Stay Awake; We've got all we need; Our hearts skipped a beat,tonight; Everytime that we started to; Somethings always in our way; For now; Forget about it; Forget about it; It's getting late; I'm far ...

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5. He's Changed

This kid is wasting his life away; He thinks the guy outta Green Day; Is living in his soul; He's playing at the bowl; His mother shouts him down for tea; He's gotta get a grip on reality; Faking life...

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6. I Miss You

Wait, this isn't me; That you're talking to; This is a front that I put on the verse; In every song, in every word; And say whatever you can; The story's a lie; They fed us an ending; That left us alr...

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7. I'm With You (don't Tell Me)

Light reflects, The darkened moon tonight, Your make-up smeared across your face tells me, You're not fine, Just a line that you recite, I can see that, Tears falling down give no answer, Seems you do...

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8. Made Up Stories

Please won't you go back out; I'm fast asleep; cant deal with this no more; on your way out; please do turn off the light; and close the door too; dont come back and pretend to tell me; the night you'...

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9. Ready Or Not

I must assume you're looking at me; Cause I know somethings that we need to know about here; And we pretend that we both got wings; And both of us sing; So we'll sing till we fly out of here; Oh maybe...

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10. She Left Me

I'm, staying in tonight; Watching T.V by myself; 'Cause yesterday my girlfriend recked my life; I don't want to explain; There's nothing I can say to you; All I got is this one note she left me; It sa...

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11. So Quiet You Were

Silence sits with me again tonight, all alone yet with you by my side. Your mind's not here it's with someone else, I don't know who it is, but I can tell. ; So quiet you were. ; Say what you want; I ...

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12. Take The Floor

No-one can help you now, The airs mess with panic all around, Half-massed flags lie on the streets, It's time to bow your head down in defeat. ; ah,ah,ah. ; You suffercated me, I felt your hands aroun...

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13. Why

It's been two weeks since i heard your voice, But it echoes in my mind, Your lipstick marks still on my cup, That you left behind, Maybe it's me or can you feel this, it's killing me just to know; I'm...

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14. Woodchuck

She told me on Monday; That we'd meet on Friday; At nine, and don't be late; But I don't wanna lie; So I'll just tell her it straight; You gotta slow it down girl; Slow it down you're 21; I'm not what...

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15. Woodchuck's Revenge

With fear dripping down your face; Take one step back breathe in; Don't let this burn down again; Heart beating people stare; I want to pretend it's all a dream; Just break out and start again; Hands ...

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