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1. All About Me

Always have you on my mind; You've been a part of my life; Sometimes you're just a ghost; That's when I miss you most; Mother left us far too soon; I was crying at the moon; There's nothing left to lo...

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2. Beautiful Morning

Du, du, du, du, du ... ; The alarm clock rings - suddenly I'm shocked; Did I oversleep today; Thank god it's Sunday - I don't have to work; I feel so dizzy when I open up my eyes; What Is going on; Di...

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3. Betty Ford

He reels across the street; In his hand a sticky weed; Ah did he drink too much; Ah did he drug too much; Can't straighten out his thoughts; Crazy world where are your gods; Who will help him in his p...

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4. Break The Ties

It takes just one look to see; We all need more birds and bees; Maybe that's a silly dream; But I do know we all need to breathe; Walls' closing in on me; It's getting hard to breathe. No place for me...

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5. Celebrate Youth

I wonder why I'm still into you; I wake up and all I wanna do is shoot; It feels like no one understands; Girl listen here is where the nightmare; Where the nightmare ends; Where you and me commence; ...

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6. Dream

I was half way on my way; Just pass the bus stop; When my bell starts ringing –; oh god, it's him again; I was about to say; if I can't have my way; I could explode or runaway; I need some peace of m...

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7. Every Single Day

Every single day - is my day; Really something special; Every single day - make my day; Cause it all belongs to me; So many faces, so many names - So many people playing games; A million hands I have ...

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8. Footsteps In The Snow

Years ago we met by chance; Thinking - we'd start the greatest love of all; Both of us were in a trance; Together we have been so strong; Through the years I felt a change; Suspecting - we could not k...

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9. Hello Hell

She caught me in a trap; I wasn't quite prepared; She watches every step; I'd like her to succed; i'm waiting for that kiss; a deadly kiss indeed; You put a curse on me; This is an emergency.. Hello H...

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10. Julie Goes Out

She's independent, she goes out working; On weekdays she is on the ran; I am her neighbour, I want to tell her; That I would love to take her out; But when it's Friday, she's on the highway; Julie goe...

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11. Lamp Post

Yes I can´t explain, the thunder in my brain; When I walk into the lamp-post; On the boulevard, thinking I´m a star; I always walk into the lamp-post; ; I was the best, long time ago; It was in school...

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12. Let's Rock

Hated my time in school, the teachers were all fools; They said learn to became, come-come-come-come someone; After that bitter pill, I felt so badly ill; And it continued when I fa-fa-found a job; Pa...

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13. Miss You Today

Girl - your love is like a cure; I've never been so sure; That you are the one; I - want to stay by your side; 'Cause in the darkest night; You make me feel so strong; I miss you today; I'll miss you ...

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14. Mr. Brown

He saw a lady and his heart was beating fast; And then just accidently her scarf fell on the ground; Too blind to see he didn't get up from his ass; He missed the only chance he ever really had; In a ...

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15. President Of Boarderland

VERSE 1:; Last night I had a great dream; Though it wasn't 'bout a girl; I was elected to be president; Of my own private world; So I gave the name boarderland; And everybody rushed; Into this first r...

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16. Repeat

I'm standing in a street; And I'm just watching; Watching people passing by; The wind blows through my hair; And suddenly you're there; When walking down your street; I am still wishing; Wishing that ...

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17. Stole The Monkey

Oh Mama don't say that i did it wrong; I didn't mean to disappoint you in that way; Oh Mama, yes i know where i belong; But even good boys sometimes have to break away; I stole the monkey from the zoo...

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18. Travel Around The World

First I saw her face In school; I remember I was a fool; Now I'm longing for her today; But she'll never come my way oh-baby; I travel around the world; I'm looking for something; But I'll never forge...

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