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1. All Night Alone

Vulnerable and have gone; Looking back all the time; They can not be a good laugh; He was having a lonely; Tell me your way somewhere along the line; Tell me your way and were drably hope; I can see y...

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2. Falling Down

If I have to leave something here; What should I leave ? nothing any more; The matter's stayed in my head, since I heard such sad story; If I should be killed inside three weeks; How would you feel th...

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3. Forget

And then, place I was standing place I was; Someday it will disappear and pass from all your heart; Wake up, time change the mind of people very easily; Wish you not to forget anything; Wake up, time ...

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4. Go For Break

Real worlds make me crazy; Many people can't be back here; So i don't know what is right now; I do not remember what i did; Go for break ! go for break ! go for break ! Just want to change this time n...

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5. Up To You

They rain down abuse on me; They have the gift of gab so much tonight; So I didn't sleep well last night; But my head is not in a whiri now; Just I wanna order things; For getting back at them someday...

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6. Without You

I'm walking sadly in the street; I'm just thinking of you; I don't know your feeling how do you think of me ? Watching you being immersed in trying it; Watching your face from the side; I wanna be bes...

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