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1. Darkened Shroud

Spectres fall across the shadow flames of void;; Fly from spheres they shan't dwell in forever. Rushing down, engulfed by putrid texture;; The unseen ... The masterrule supreme! Enter black living Rob...

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2. Ô Laudate Dominvs

Sanctus Satanas! Praised be the Lord, the raging Beast! He who deceived the whole world. The first and the last. Alpha and Omega. I acknowledge thee as my lodestar! Your will, my burden, yet greeted w...

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3. Poisoned Flesh

I feel the poison seeping in my veins, I've drunk the Liquer through the flesh of Hell. His throat is never satisfied! Desire of the Horned needs a sinful delight. A holy divine journey within His ble...

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4. Stigma Diaboli

Psalm savour has faded but the evil abide for ever;; The world is exhausted so come forth and rise...Father! May your thorns pierce the flesh ov men! And may sinners live above ashes ov your glory. ; ...

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