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1. Back On My Feet

I've been angry; And I have strayed; I said words i never thought that I could say; You were sadly sweet; Like an old bar song (or a Wilco song); But I'll be back up on my feet before too long; You co...

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2. Careless

You grew up alone in a big empty house; With a pool and a maid, Mom and Dad always out; And I always thought that you had it so good; Just imagine my surprise when they blew off the roof; I couldn't b...

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3. Fred Meyers

I want to see you sometime; Come find me I'll be home; Just between the Costco; And the Barnes and Noble; Behind the mom and pop grocery; Shut down in the nineties; Like all the other locals; They sma...

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4. Men Just Leave

She came from Austin, Texas, she liked his custom van; And his pit bull Francis; Even when he took a chunk out of her hand; The liked to dance in the desert and screw in the sand; He said they'd alway...

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