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1. Last Day Of Your Life

Let me take you to; My secret place; High above the earth; Into out of space; Only God knows where; Only God knows how; I will take you there; Somehow; If this was the last day of your life; What woul...

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2. My Ghost

Lovers come and lovers go, Once they lived but now they're ghosts, Walking the streets they used to know like shadows. ; People disappear every hour and every year, Sometimes I believe they're here li...

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3. Say It Once

If you'll only say it once; Then say it now; And if you'll only come here once; Then come here now; Close the door and let me watch; My skin is burning like a fire; Take that red dress off; I want to ...

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4. Wild Place

Look at you, look at me; in this wild place, in this wild place; All that we have ever seen; is this wild place, mmmh.. ; So don't go looking for; the days you've lost; cause you've got so much more t...

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