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1. Atlantic

Caught up, let's be one. I have just begun to do the same. A meeting at one, here in these woods I will become undone. ; I'm going to find the place, where your heart can rest from this stress. I brea...

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2. Ceiling Of Plankton

It's that desire over love I have to turn around; And come right back to bay; 'Cause you're my ceiling of plankton; You hold the white light much better; And you know; You got that keeping it warm; No...

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3. Meantime

I don't mind that I mind sometimes; It'd be easier with you girl; Oh, how I know, yes the glow, the show; The difference between them, go; Separate the lines; Still hoping that your mind will be a fri...

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4. Ripe

You like your man ripe; I like mine still growin'; Call and we will say; We want it all our way, no way; There's so much left to learn, up above, taking turns; Such a mess to impress let's dig in; Sto...

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5. Saw You First

I saw you first, it was in a dream, it was in a dream; I knew it'd work, or so it seemed, or so it seems; While you hold on - let that Golden go; Golden goes on, so don?t hold it, oh no; In the light,...

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6. Up, Up, Up

Oh we up up up for the glow show; Yeah we're down down here on the ground; Yeah we up up up up above love; Yeah we up up up in the clouds; Yeah we up, yeah we up, yeah we up; You gonna find a way, fin...

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7. Words

The words we say today, we'll say; And we'll see them again, we'll see them again; So I choose my words so carefully; Like the sun, make it glow, or they glare at me; Well, I choose light; I like that...

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