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1. Echo

Did you honestly think that this is all it takes? To be my boyfriend can’t you hear my heart break; Can’t you tell how your silence is making me feel; When you’re always away even though you’re right ...

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2. Happy Alone

We were a long long way to be where are today oh oh oh; And there’s a long way back from here if you walk away; Cuz If you wanna it bad, like I wanna it bad; You be hit till the end; I didn’t put it i...

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3. Keep Your Head Up

I've been waiting for someone; You don't even know how long I've been waiting for this day, hey; I've been thinking about; All the reasons I had to get even and to cause you pain; And I bet they all w...

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4. You're The Kinda Man

Humm yeah; You've got it, got it going on; The way you leave the ladies on; You know it, it's all because of you; They want it, they all want a piece of you; It's crazy what you do to me, freaky; It's...

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