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1. Cool Nuh (Feat. Wretch 32)

[Verse 1: Giggs]; Seems like them man have got a death wish; Seems like they want a man arrested; Niggas beefin' with bitches; Feels like a man'a got domestics; Its these man the man'a wanna mess with...

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2. Linguo (Feat. Donae'o)

[Chorus: Donae'o]; Shout out to my niggas on the wing, though; My niggas walk in with it like it's legal; Got two bitches kissing, bilingual; They don't even understand my lingo; That's the money link...

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3. Look Over Your Shoulder (Feat. Example)

[hook: example]; You gotta look over your shoulder; Cos remember they don't teach that shit in school today; Just remember what I told ya today-today-today-eh-eh-eh; Just because you've gotten older, ...

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4. What Niggas Want

[Verse 1: Giggs]; Niggas diss me, then they nick me; Well I'm back you fuckers, did you miss me? This is history, if I cock back; And slap that nigga, will three-sixty; I'm back with swagga nigga, bou...

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