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1. Down That Road

I've been down that road. Holdin' my ground and it kills me, 'Cause you're so cool to be around, When you're around, But I think you've lost you. And I think of other lovers lost, And the soul wrenchi...

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2. In Blue

Summer's over - and my dear so is he, Over me now - oh so suddenly. Onward downward - cared so much it scared him. I wanted to walk - peacefully, But in dramatic fasion - out of hurt and passion's swo...

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3. Jaded

When you hurt that deep, When the knife's that sharp, When the arrow's aimed right for your heart, When you trust enough - to let him in, Then the games begin. ; When the stakes are just a bit too hig...

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4. Knock Three Times

Hey girl, Watcha doin' down there? Dancin' alone every night, While I live right above you? I can hear your music plaing, I can feel your body swaying, One floor below me. You don't even know me, But ...

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5. M.Y.O.B.

Kids Chorus: 1,2,3,4; Tell me what you know, and I'll tell you some more; Jackie and CJ used to be; Nobody knows, just you and me; She calls him up, but he's not there; He's out with someone else and ...

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6. The One

If I could, I would remember, To forget you - now and then. 'Cause the sun rose and set on you baby. Time and - again, Should you ever doubt, What I think about? Don't it always come right back to you...

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7. What Part Of No

No, No baby, No. ; Open your eyes, Think I don't see, You kissin' on her, Then you kissin on me? Come on guys what do you say? Hey-hey you know I wasn't born yesterday. You want me to just give in to ...

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8. What You Want

Think once - if you want a little bit of fun, Think twice - if you think I could be the one, Three times - get your game on ready to run, All depends on - what you want. I could get you caught up in a...

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9. Wishing You Were Here

I'm writing letters and your candle is burning; Things could be better, can't handle this yearning; Can't stop my head from spinning; Wishing you were here; Look at your photo but it still can't hold ...

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10. Your Secret

I don't wanna, No I'm not gonna, 'Cause I don't wanna, Be your secret. No I don't wanna, 'Cause I'm not gonna, No I don't wanna, Be your secret, Be your secret. ; Just another night of loneliness, Jus...

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