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1. Another Day, Another Year (wasted)

The last days as the sun sets; Once again we say goodbye; Another day, another year; The memories we share are worth a lifetime. ; Every day we?re growing older, Wasting time, wasting time. Never forg...

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2. Excelsior

Building better days, nothing stayed the same; Going over everything it was; Wishing we had the strength; We had the strength; Our paths have crossed it?s time to move on; I?ve admitted it to myself, ...

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3. Highlife

And this is a call, to live for yourself; Your life is shown in bright lights, living in false pretense; Who say?s you?re special? stop fucking lying; They all love you, want to be your friend; They a...

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4. Some People Never Learn

You follow these dark streets waiting to not make more mistakes; You can try to fix the past but what?s done is done so now tread; your own path. So listen to what I have to say, The outcome could pro...

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5. Your True Colours

Show me your true colours; All your lies are on show; Showing your facades; Constantly wishing I was yours; But you?re too fucking shameless; You?ve been running your lies around me; For far too fucki...

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