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1. Hard road

I can feel you letting go; I keep holding on til the feelings gone; I could play along and keep being strong; But I'm only flesh and bone; I get vulnerable when I'm alone; Wishin you were home gotchu ...

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2. Loud

I get down, but I pick myself back up again; I go round, and some people say I'm spiraling; I get loud, loud, loud loud; I get loud, so you're gonna hear my sound; I get lost, but I find my way back h...

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3. Only A Girl

Soft touch, warm skin; Nothing like my ex-man; Slowly falling, I don't want my next man; I've never felt this way before; He never called me beautiful; Like you do, like you do; Now I'm in uncharted w...

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4. Straight Up

Straight up now, tell me; Do you really wanna love me forever? (Oh oh oh oh); Or am I caught in a hit and run? Lost in a dream; I don't know which way to go; Let me say, if you are all that you seem (...

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