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1. Drugsfaggotshollywood

Dip my face in the Hypnotic, Throw me on the floor, Suck it... shoot me up, Treat me like a whore; We are, all fuckin' stars now, in this fuckin' coke show; and I really wanna know, what makes you wan...

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2. I Want Candy Dead

Will somebody answer the fucking phone? Good Lord. Hello? Hey Justin. My name isn't Justin. Hey. It's Aaron. That's great. I can't come out tonight. What? I'm going to see this girl. But I thought we ...

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3. Scene Kidz

I'm scene... obscene! (repeats); Scene kids, head full of weave; Head full a' shit that's makin' me hot! Gotta brain dent; Gotta cigarette; Mommy and daddy can't stand it yet! Racoon tails, painted na...

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