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1. 120 Days

Do our choosing without hesitation. Give yourself over to sin; Your one chance for redemption will come when the spark is ignited within; Forced to severe the ties to this world which is bound by lies...

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2. Asphyxiate

Your first encounter with the ones who made you; Feel a chance to taste their disease; Invite you in to lick their skin and to feel all as real; Your senses low, your pleasures grow; White hands sew u...

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3. Crucified

Behold, all the eyes shall see them; All wound that pierce them; Take pleasure in his sins; Take pleasure in her suffering; When you lie with the beast; You shall die with the beast; Behold the eyes t...

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4. Falling Stars

You offer me, offer me all the stars above me; You offer me, offer me, offer me the sky; Shall believe all you see; Tell the world you love me; You offer me all you see, (if telling) you a lie; Did yo...

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5. Flesh Is The Law

I'm on the dark side sinnin' and grinnin' then you let me in; Fill you up with passion and rage; I stroke you slow, deep and under; Try to make you wonder just why you feel so violently strange? Now d...

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6. Guns Are Good

Do you like my shiny steel? Let me show you what it can do; Show me yours, I'll show you mine; Get a little closer let it blow your mind; You're standing there looking at me; Lick your lips as you won...

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7. Lecher Bitch

I am the Lecher bitch and I wear the X of castigation; I am the whore of the extreme; I am the heretic and I crave your excommunication; Look in my eyes; Get a little star struck and a little insane; ...

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8. One Who Feeds

Bonded to my breast from birth, milkin me to purify; Nurse your growing hunger for the fluid that will satisfy; Feel my body swelling, engorged to overflow; Pump your filthy mouths into your willing g...

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9. Pleasure In Restraint

This whole tune is full of whispering and background vocals...If you can make; them out, and they're right...I may just send you a small cash reward.); Ad mala patrata haec sunt theatra parata. (best ...

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10. Procession

Subjected nevermore, to the whims of the dying; Steal their flesh, from the pool of the lying; Injected more, erythematous moisture; Beyond high, by the chosen kind; Feel it, to breathe evermore; Of t...

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11. Public Enemy 1

Clock starts ticking away; Count the minutes you are in it till judgment day; Life spent hard on the run; Never staying. Never paying for what you've done; Lookin' at you outside you want to be clean;...

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12. Sin City

When the tracks are leading home to the limits of hell; We'll yell, life sure is swell! In Sin City; In the streets where the servants of silence dwell; The visions of the wicked are sure to sell! In ...

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13. Stitch In Time

I suffered in your sadness; But I chose to let it go; I wallowed in your weakness; I should have started long ago; Down and low never been mistaken; Down and low have I been forsaken? Left to win, you...

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14. Take It

I got the word of hurt, Speakin' it to your skin, Give it to all who follow, When the fury begins; Get on your hands and knees, Time to move with the damned; Get off your ass and let me show ya; How y...

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15. Velvet Dreams

Writhe among the flesh. {We} stroke your fearful eyes. Penetrations will collide, as I crawl inside. ; As your eyes begin to slip, you come alive in my caress. As our greedy fingers dig deep on the ed...

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