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1. 252

The cells of this body; Have all lost their memory; Confused by each other; To work out of order; And I hate that they require; The need to be together; How could they go wrong; This terrible anatomy;...

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2. Acid and Everything

Until he drives you mad; Until you bury his head; Fill up the holes in your room; Use the rays of your eyes; It's much more difficult; Than it sounds; Everything acid and sad; Everyone distant and har...

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3. Animals

I see you moving like an animal; And through your walls the horses come; And I cannot communicate with them; Or perhaps we have never met; I see you and you have nothing left; I've been missing all th...

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4. Black Ships

I've been building black ships; In the arms of a man I'd forgotten; He rings the bell he's holding; He's ringing in the changes; Only we are left; Maybe it's our january heads; If only we could cast o...

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5. Braid

Eyes cast into the night; Searching for someone; You needn't stay so long; There's time enough for us; To fall into a dream; No hands covering our kiss; Everything is heaven; The surface never stops; ...

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6. Breakers

Into their cheering hands; And the faces of his friends; No blood turned so bitter; And skulls stayed simple; Every body in its place; Strange you should want it the same; Breakers in my lungs; The gr...

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7. First Weeks

Through losing eyes; Intentions; A perfect unconcern; Morning breaks in another day; And everything returns; Two parallel doves; With hearts holding out; It's not enough; How to remove my last touch; ...

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8. Flax

Leave him as a boy; His laugh divides the day in two; Let him dream of birds; I wish I was more like him; Instead I'm shaking in the sun; He came in a wave; His wings were full of songs; White and una...

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9. Hypericum

Dove colored in your dress; And they're bringing in the bells; All you wanted you could've had; Partly paralyzed and part of you is dancing; Poured your skull out on that wall for years; Run up the on...

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10. I Heard The Party

With a mouth full of fresh flowers; You woke up the neighbors; No one could have told you; Your body would fail you; Silent as the star; It broke you like a song; I heard the party's here; I heard the...

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11. Idea for Strings

I feel the pull forces; Of your spiraling and your salted kiss; And I'm chained to the strength of your wave; Move in towards the center space; I will follow where you go; In the wake of all these tea...

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12. In Wavelengths

Against the garden gates; And your gaze becomes clairvoyant; Doves lift you give your last; We're in wavelengths for an evening; I'm breaking up slowly; See my face under electric light; And hold me t...

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13. Lands

Where is the chorus in the airwaves; I sit with crystals at my side; No one can offer up an answer; And years are passing by; I saw the look of lands changing; And I feel you are the one who's moving ...

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14. Marathon (In Roses)

No feeling force it; I don't want the night; Without your eyes; The teeth in your skull; They tear me up; Don't show that cool flesh; To me yet; A tear falls; A ray lights the air; I'm in roses; All t...

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15. Michael

I watched when you move; How the whole world moves; In my fantasies with you; We're walking hand in hand; We turn to face each other when; We join our empty heads; I'm too cautious man; I'm too cautio...

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16. Polly

We were lost; I felt us; Drifting from our nature; Towards that place; Half nothing; I see you letting go; Polly i need you now that you're gone

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17. Red Arrow (John)

I watched you as you slept; Red arrows fell around us; And before the sea came in; I knew you were the one; We are turning; In the circle of the sun; We are falling; Into our new forms; I feel light I...

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18. Sevens

Your machine gun; Eyes fire; Off into the night; Crystal hour; Across the city; I can feel your white; Sinking in me; I have never known anyone; I'll sew these bones; Before the dawn; Asleep in garden...

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19. Soft Season

Muscle shakes up against the wall; White waves in his mouth; He twists into a snake; He has all the time that he needs; And the eyes in the place; For as long as it lasts; I'm a boy on my back; And I'...

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20. Speech of Foxes

Flat out on your stomach; An ugly dog trap; In arctic silence; It? s me and my carpenters heart; Hunt for days; Electric; Speech of foxes; In an ordinary garden; Where has your body been; Please come ...

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21. Spine

Thread around my arms; Pierces my mouth; Man arise from the lake; Find there is nothing left; Spine splits and shifts; From dusted days; Her perfume is sick; Gun powder sings; You're beautiful; Silver...

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22. Tanager

I can feel the distance set in; The slow lights of your eyes; My head against your chest; As the dust shot up so bright; Palms to the ground; In search of something else; The horses in my heart are ch...

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23. Twins

The wind shook the kiss from your mouth; Before I could learn whose twin I was; Your face familiar like a light in the water; Just your touch could cure my lonesome blood; You let go of everything you...

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