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1. Bulletin

He took a life here today in a meditated rage; He is wanted for a history of social mistakes; They’ve got him runnin’ and they won’t let him get far away; Armed with no mercy and no room to repent; He...

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2. Crossing The Line

Folks don’t know it but we left around half past ten; Both drivin’ to a place where we’ve never been; It shouldn’t take us but an hour to get to the line; And in between there is something runnin’ ‘cr...

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3. Everything She Does

She’s got a hole in her stockings; But I don’t mind, I don’t mind; And she’s got a crazy kinda hairdo; That I like, that I like a lot; If you don’t know by now; I’m in love with Everything She Does; I...

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4. Not Gonna Cry

I gave you the good life that’s understood; But while I am satisfied, you go and say it’s no good; C’mon reassure me, say that you care; Ain’t it a shame I’m just talkin’ to the air; Not to you, oh; N...

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5. One Thin Dime

Where you going anyways; It doesn’t matter anyhow; ‘Cuz when it’s all over; When you’re pushin’ up the clover; It won’t matter to a plough; When it’s all over; There won’t be One Thin Dime; Waiting fo...

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6. Red Hot

She runs around in diamonds and dirt; She runs around in blue jeans and skirts; She runs around in fake furs in the fall; She runs around sometimes in nothing at all; Yeah she keeps on runnin’, yeah s...

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