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1. Black Bridge

How many wars around us; How empty are our lives; There´s a million killed people; Polluting Earth; For entertainment and powerfile; I don´t believe in fear; I don´t believe in pain; I believe in myse...

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2. Blueberry Day

Hey my mamma said to me; Coming home at eight; Don´t be late; ´Cause tonight we gonna have blueberry dumplings; Ain´t got any will to do; What she said to me; Follow me! I´m gonna sing that piece of s...

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3. Journey To Ixtlan

Winter is long and summer is far away; No luck no money I feel like to go away; I feel like to go away so fucking far away; Passing by faces and nobody talks to me; Are they just shadows I’m a shadow ...

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4. Legalize Marijuana

I’m totally innocent; I just wanna spend my life; don’t deserve your punishment; you can set my brother free; Don’t you see; Follow me brotha, follow me sista, follow me people; I was born not like a ...

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5. Maòana

If you try to fly; Don´t leave a pure way; Because it´s really true; Hey do you want to listen to the story; Of a man from the street; So listen now; I´m not gonna work in a factory; (I know what do y...

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