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1. Bésame

Oh, Blondet; Tres de la mañana y sigo pensando en ti; No se como te llamas; solo quiero sentirte un poco mas; Y yo se que tu quieres; mas, baby solo dame la oportunidad; De encontrarme en tus labios; ...

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2. Difícil

Hey yeah yeah yeah, Blondet; Porque lo haces tan difícil? oh no; Porque no puede ser mas fácil? yeah yeah; Yo solo quiero pegarme mas; Y bailar por detrás esta noche contigo; Tu sabes que yo tengo alg...

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3. Easier

Hey pretty lady, your moves they drive me crazy; You know I'm always trying to be your type; Don't know why it's hard to; get up and walk down to you; Tell you you're beautiful I just can't lie; You m...

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4. Hey Beautiful

Got your text from last night; It said you didn't mean those things yeah right; Now you're all over me oh whoa; Go and tell all of your friends; They'll pretend they're interested; But you know it's f...

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5. Speechless

Every time I see you, I can't say a word; Every time I'm near you, all I can see's a blur; Cause when you're beautiful like that; There's no one who could hold you back; Girl, you shine just like a st...

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6. Still Miss You

You've been gone for so long; And it hurts me just to hear you say; I'll be back home in just a few days; What happened to those sleepless nights? And all of the memories that we made; Should I keep m...

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7. Where Are You?

Woke up late this morning; Thinking about last night; Saw you for the first time; Couldn't say anything right; You were so gorgeous; From your head to your dress; Got me so obsessed; But then you disa...

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