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1. Like This (With Rittz)

You don't wanna know what it's like; You ain't never had these problems; You ain't never rose to the top; But felt like you hit rock bottom; You ain't never gained the exposure but lost your composure...

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2. Sorry for Y'all

Yeah, yuh; 2020 and I got a vision; I know, yuh, yuh, yeah, yow; Let me get back to spittin', they askin' what happened to that Futuristic; I made a massive decision, I caught me some cribs, now I'm a...

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3. That Thang

[Intro]; You got that thang, I don't usually sing; it made me sing, don't it; Put a ring on it, ring finger on your left hand; throw twenty G's on it; Low key? No we, out in the public eye; Never seen...

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4. The Greatest

[Verse 1]; Yo, I'm the most underrated; Everybody say they spitting fire like a dragon; nigga, watch me come and slay them; Coming from the basement; double Xl, man, I want the cover; there's no way t...

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