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1. Fine China

Ten (yeah) thousand dollar plates; Thousand dollar plates; Thousand dollar plates, fine china; Shawty like a, uh; Shawty like a (Wheezy outta here); Shorty like a thousand dollar plate, fine china; Te...

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2. No Issue

Intro: Future; Don't let these bitches get in your head; (Wheezy outta here); Fallin' out of love with Xanax; Livin' my life on the edge; I'm sacrificin' everything; I did Oxy, I don't need alcohol; I...

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3. Wrld on Drugs

Feel like (I'm working on dying); The world on drugs (The world on drugs); Drugs; I need a fix; The world on drugs, can you give me some? I don't feel no pain 'cause this pill got me numb; The world o...

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