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1. Another Ride

I know you want me around you; We got to know each other so well last night; That I think we need another ride; You know I want just another bite; Sweaty bodies and I feel you so tight; Going through ...

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2. Dinosaur Skin

I've been away; But baby you don't know what I've been through; No need to say; But girl you know it gotta be true; Last time to do it for the first time; And here we go; One more time; We're gonna ma...

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3. Get the Guts

Is there a paranoia plague outside or am I insane; alone? Can't stop me to the edge; I'm coming for what's mine; Living hurts; Living's good; Get the guts; In the mood; Am I surrounded by a bunch of f...

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4. Going Down

I've been watching you; A long time ago; And there's something new; You might wanna show; I've been thinking of you since you were alone; And now I feel like we should get a room; But babe, don't need...

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5. Leave it Behind

It ain't no easy world; I gotta tell; Sometimes you bleed alone; Seems like in hell; Where desert nights are so long; Sailing in the storm; You gotta leave it; You gotta leave it behind; Strong feelin...

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6. Slow Down Your Mind

Slow down your mind; Feeling the air; Breathe deep inside; And become aware; I don't know who you are; But here's what I'll do; Listen to my voice; We're going into; Deep inside of me; Deep inside of ...

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7. Spaceman

Spaceman! Where have you been? Tell me all about your trip; I wanna know what you have seen; Spaceman, going outside; Stars are shining; Speed your rocket; I know you are high; Oh yeah; Oh spaceman; O...

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8. Third Eye Mantra

There is no one coming for you; No way out from this point of view; And if you want to keep it alive; You must look on the bright side; Life is a lonely road to ride; Sometimes you need to look inside...

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9. Transcending Highways of the Cosmo

Fire in my mind again; Floating, my soul flies away; When she takes over me; The river finds the sea; Cosmic feeling of myself; Going places I forget; But I know the way; Like colors fill the gray; Oh...

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10. Where is Home

Can you feel your soul; Travelling in time? Dark streets are moving; In your dazed mind; Need the sun to burn; All the ghosts inside; In the speed of sound; he was never down; Hey; I'm gone; Oh yeah; ...

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