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1. Diamond Watch

Remember how you left me, How I was always open handed. Now you have left with a grudge on your shoulders. You ain't going to drop it like some; diamond watch because I am the hands, Like a clock when...

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2. Director's Cut

Here we go, we're at scene one; The camera rolls, at the bottom of this building; We pull open, the door and dive right in; Each door we open, brings an arguement; The stairs shine, shine light; We sp...

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3. Don't You Worry

No one is watching no one is listening, The sun is rising no one smiling, The rain is pouring it comes in and comes down. See your soul drown. Up the ante, feel the wind in your hair. Don't you worry ...

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4. Forget His Facade

Walks in like he owns the place; With a smile and a wink on his face; He puts his makeup on for the night; He thinks its time to start with the smiles and antics; He grabs your hand tight, tight enoug...

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5. I Pray Cruel

A moment of light slowly sets on the horizon, The usual suspects that lead you a stray; But we shed our skin and grown new lives. I'll give up and go cause' she won't know. Your lifted up high with no...

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