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1. Adult Lust

Adult Lust; Confronted too soon with reality; Virgin child abused and misused; Penetration time after time; Ooohh what a feeling of sudden disgust; A child in pain, too afraid to say; I have been a vi...

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2. Alive

Alive; We never saw it coming; Until we passed; too late; In from the right; We saw death in the eyes; Dressed up in red paint; He turned in our way; We drew a straw; Grabbed a hold, took a turn; The ...

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3. Focus Intact

Focus Intact; You came to me; Like a moth to the flame; And I know what you like; So I tease you a bit; I don’t light candles; But I turn on the lights; And the I check my high-8; Pressing rec and pla...

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4. Hole In My Pocket

Hole In My Pocket; I spend my money; Spending every dime; I’m king on payday; Doing things my way; Can’t get enough; I always get the good stuff; Three days of rockin’ an’ a rollin’; Twenty seven more...

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5. In The Tombs

In The Tombs; Climing the highest mountain; Diving the deepest sea; Curing the deadly diseases; Developed by man in the past; Launching man into orbit; We even conquered the Moon; Digging the ground i...

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6. Kick Ass

Kick Ass; Throughout the centuries man has ignored; The nature of wich he is conceived; Born to be the baddest beast; He turned into a freak; Pathetic expression; Turned on his instincts; Every time h...

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7. Memory And Mind, Pt. 1

Memory And Mind, Pt. 1; Everything must come to an end; For you, for me; And everybody else; All the good times will fade away; Apparently appearing; From time to time; In memory and mind; In memory a...

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8. On Top Of The World

On Top Of The World; I live my life the way that I want; And I’m free to do whatever I please; I’ve got no chains to hold me back; So my spirit’s still intact; I’m gonna live my life; Forever on top o...

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9. Opinions

Opinions; We believe in what we read; And take the rest for granted; And it’s absurd how little it takes; For one man to hate another; Ne research, no background insight; Just black ink on a piece of ...

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10. Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice; I believe in; What I stand for; And what I stand for; I’ll always be; I believe in; The things I’m doing; And what I’m doing; That’s my life; So I roll the dice; And I’m rolling the roc...

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11. Slam The Fays

Slam The Fays; You try to tell me I’m all fucked up; But I don’t take shit from anybody; Why don’t you just go and fuck yourself; And let me thrash my way through life; Thrash, smash and slam the fays...

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12. The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season; I’m hard to satisfy; And I got this urge to fly; I was tired of just getting by; So I turned a page in my life; I travelled 400 miles; With luck by my side; I travelled to find; Anot...

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13. White Slavery

White Slavery; Up in the morning and home at night; So dies another day; If you’re pleased to live like they want you to; There is nothing left to say; Be forced to learn a lesson, become a decent man...

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14. Worth To Live

Worth To Live; Walking down the mainstreet; Talking to myself; Thinking ‘bout the weather; Concerned by nothing else; Then suddenly it hit me; The stress surrounding me; Watching all the people; Walki...

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