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1. Born On The Outside

Born an outcast I walk through life without no other. Where it seems that all my hopes and dream continue to smother and disappear. Can't tell if this is part of the plan. The damage is done. Suppose ...

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2. Mind Your Business

Sometimes I need someone to pick me up but today is not one of those day. Feels like I woke up on the wrong side of life so it's best if you keep to youself. And stay out of my way. I'm like a time bo...

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3. On Blast (d.w.c.)

So you wanna hero. A martyr or a king for a day. Well too little too late. Now your hate sealed your fate another cry for attention another weak quest for fame. Don't try to challenge my fam. Forever ...

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4. Reality Check

This is reality! Still a relevant topic until the end of time. An innocent man beat down in the name of racial pride, but most stand passive as these actions affect our lives. You've got it twisted if...

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5. Shatterproof

Walk a mile in my shoes you'll never begin to understnad my hate. It's me against the world motherfuckers. Smashin' everything in my way I won't fall! It's the path I choose one. One life to live on l...

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6. Time To Pay

You talk the talk but you won't fool me. I once was blinded, but now I see. The words you speak aren't reality. You never practiced what you preach. Reality is that my life is cold. My middle finger t...

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7. Unfadable

Traveled a long hard road to get back on my feet. Should be lying face down dead in the street. Fading fast blowin' lines just to get by. I know he's on my side but I ain't ready to die. It's taken bl...

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8. Words Of A King

With the heart of a lion and a fstful of hate I fought my way to the top of the game. Earned my stripes on the frontline, determined to get mine so you better not stand in my way. When the world holds...

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