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1. Back To The Outerspace

“back to the outerspace…”; Eros-1 meets the sun in the age of the pity; Among the greedy we go; ‘cross the aquila star to the land of the beauty; There's an evil that's wrong; Blazed by the fire and i...

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2. Bewitched

I was bonded by blood with the virgin unborn; That would carry the evil; Go berserk as a man from the last caravan; Don't you never swear against my name; Growin on sight; Beauty and sweet; Beware of ...

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3. Fatuous Fire

Never mind it, straight ahead; You'd never felt you're such ready to show; Before the fire, beyond the trenches to go; You better bet it, you have the trigger; Just let ya pull it then you open the do...

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4. Fúria Louca

Some guys say we're out of time; For some a waste of mind; But we're born kids of the underground; Dirty, mean, obscene and loud; Let me introduce the band; With the cowboy moody man; His guitar solo ...

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5. Heart Mind and Soul

There will be a day I will understand; All your beliefs and what you mean; With those kind words you said; You won; You raised me to be strong; From now on; I need to go ahead alone; Singing the song;...

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6. Junkie To The Noise

School of rocking boys; Junkie to that noise; If you want the hall of fame you work tough; If you worry to protect the whales; Then you'll be fag enough; Gimme scott, bring me rock; No boring bono vox...

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7. Love You At Pieces

I am stalking alone at the split of the night; Have an eye on your home; I've been your window guard I'm longing to spy; Every moment of you; Believe a time there was love at first sight; Then I found...

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8. On The Croup Of The Sinner

Baby's getting older; And I need the final race; Asked me if I never grow up; I live each day by day; Like riding to sunshine; My dudes are on the road; She takes a sit behind me; No future for tomorr...

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9. Rock Fever

Listen to the sound; Seems the crack of a thunder; No vulgar tricks from the place I belong; (yeh…); And more and more I'm like my master; As howling around before; I choose to dance; When it starting...

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10. Smiling Cat

Gamblers gather hell away; Forward the river styx; There was a cat; Panama hat; On walk at bourbon street; Feline like this appears in that; Rooftops of new orleans; A bluff with honey; Rob your money...

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11. The Criminal Novel

Once a little gangsta called himself the Brother Brown; All was violent fun and transgression; These dirty deeds just headed the mob top of the capital; Big Daddy's not known by yer mercy; It's not ab...

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12. Wild Horse Sitting Bull

Tires down; Press on the ground; I breathe the gas and the heat; Where I come from; Where do I go; Nobody rides for free; Never needed a place to my own; Many countries I can call them my home; Just w...

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