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1. Act On It

featuring Cam; You don't really wanna really really; FunkDoobie for the nine seven shot; That's right; We got Cam on the mothership; Wicky wicky wicky riding that cosmic funk; It's all about that mone...

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2. Dedicated

Dedicated(repeated); This goes out to all my peoples in the city; Making ends meat getting by; Thinking 'bout the hustle everybody struggles for the answer; Confusion will attack in a cold blooded man...

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3. Funk's On Me

Well here's the intro; It's nice and simple; Cuz Son's the nympho; Yo there's the info; I'm the B boy; Who takes out decoys; Like Leonard Nimoy; I heard Bruce Leroy; I'm catchin' bullets; With my teet...

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4. Holding It Down

"Somebody's pulling me close to ground; I can sense but I can't see; I ain't panicked, I've been here before; Same as when I got popped, on a Hundred Fourth Street; Oh, look at these suckers, scrambli...

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5. I'm Shittin' On 'em

I can do the somber; Like in November; Then rock a crowd while I'm in my pajamas; Like Tito Puente; I am muy caliente; Fuck Kunta Kinte; Cuz Son is the sensei; I funk with the black belt; You better s...

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6. It Ain't Goin Down

Here we go (repeated); I suffer from the worst torment burn my flesh; Screaming from the mercy i fell from the rest; Humiliate dissappoint i'm stressed with the headache; My heart stopped beating quic...

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7. Lost In Thought

I can feel the pressure; I take drastic measures; That sex on my mind; And a ??? on my dresser; Fills to the A.M. I'm gonna pay 'em; I could pack a nine; Play the ghetto really play 'em; I'm just wait...

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8. Oye Papi

[Policeman]; "Que es lo que esta pasando aqui?"; (What is happening here?); [Doobie]; All my indeginous vigorous rigorous; Mic beligerent acts be delivering; Sound city as girls dance permiscuous; Amb...

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9. Papi Chulo

[Featuring Cobra Red Daz Dillinger]; [Sun Doobie]; Don't worry Kingpin Don Sun Juan; Papi Chulo the only one ?fun? Shake your booty for my crew FunkDoobie; Yours truly lonely ?sleestak? kick my duty; ...

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10. Pussy Ain't Shit

Pussy aint shit but lips and clits x 4; Verse 1:; One vagina two vagina just like a minor; I'm gonna go deep paid fuck for reminder; doobie can't spark itch my dick with the clitoris; isn't this cause...

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11. Que Sera Sera

Verse 1:; We used to go to school with this girl; she wore the fat truck earings and the diamonds and pearls; angel on the catfish straight "A" scholarship; smart career had it all all brains and I'll...

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12. Rock On

As sure as the sun rises in the east; It also sets in the west; Verse 1:; Our sons done it the gods never fronted; whore nuns fuck a devil when the weight got hunted; my soul was swepping my mind keep...

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13. Superhoes

I caught Spider Man jerkin' off in a booth; To a Wonder Woman comic; Then the Bionic; Bitch fucked the Hulk a.k.a. Bruce Banner; Did I see Santa; No it's the Green Lantern; Little Bo Peep cold fucked ...

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14. The Funkiest

It was the voice of a couragous explorer a man dedicated to the; persuit of; man's knowledge and the expansion of his horizons; Chorus; The funkiest the funkiest; (8x); Check it all I need's a second ...

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15. What The Deal

Yeah Funkdoobie in the house... 1994 representing....keeping it time; I step out the door and left undisturbed; I made the beer run and saw them hookers on the curb; Them pimps got the curl...

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16. Wopbabalubop

Verse 1:; If I drop them dogs a broke nose gets clubed; then I crack that jaw cause you know I get raw; I remember when I used to sit on the see saw; now I just shoot em up shoot em up dog; ya better ...

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