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1. 93 Years Old

i waited for the day; that i was unable; to think anymore; anymore; people asked me how; i wanted this feeling; i didn't know; at all; but one things goes through my mind; time after time; my one blam...

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2. 99.9%

i gave as much as i could; but you wan more; i´m running out of energy; its like i don´t exist; at night i can´t sleep; the pills don´t work; nightmares are my life; it wants to take over me; i wanted...

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3. Break The Ice

your falling on a thin line; you better watch your mouth; one more false step; and the end is here; take one last breath; think about your action; cuz your stepping on the wrong line; at the wrong tim...

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4. December 77

i take back what i said; i didn't mean any of it; i'm sorry; but your gone now; there is nothing i can do; i got the word today; that you may not make; you may not stay; yea i can cry; but what am i g...

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5. Empty

i'm all out of reasons for you; the lieing is eating me through; it seems to be feeling i lost; my life just past me by; maybe its time to go on; maybe we should just face it; its like a feeling insid...

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6. Even The Odds

i can see myslef; when i stare at your eyes; it reminds me of the bad things; the defeats and the lies; but i can't resist; not even a litlle bit; you can't do anythin too; all we can do is sit; quest...

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7. Running Out Of Me

You're a voice in my head telling me to cry, And the more I fight you; The more you make me want to die; You've given me pain; From others shame, But if I was able to redo what was done; Not a thing w...

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8. Saphire

you wanna scream; at me for staring at desiet; for going to believe; that you wont desieve; that you would a never thought a me; you were never fond of me; my obbsesion in this fasinity; (pre chorus);...

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9. Scared

i hear tears; dropping on the ground; dropping with the rain; it all fits together; i can smell your fear; and taste your saddness; i hunger for your greed; and you want to bleed; empty your soul; giv...

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10. The Hourglass

The Years have come and gone; And I don’t know where they went; My Destiny Lies within the wake; Of the Hourglass; ; Rewind the hands of time; To finally make you mine; And all good times forgotten; T...

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11. The Road Of Life

Have you every felt; Like theworld has stopped? You feel like your still on the ride; No helping hand; To help you stand; Are you all alone in a crowd? ; Can’t explain this feeling; It’s neither pleas...

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12. Uhh

uhh; bored; confused out of my mind; from what i left behind; you; Trend; to take away from me; from my epitome; of sadness; i laughed; i cried; you gave to much to die; you sin; you mourn; live live ...

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