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1. Eternal, And Yours

Rain falls down; On your grave; I lay beside you; Where you stood; Blood flows down; From my arms; Its gentle warmth; Helps me sleep; Now we will be; Eternal again; No one shall break; Our final bond;...

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2. Flesh Turns To Ash

Once, there was hope; Now nothing at all. Just ashes; ...and broken memories. ; Maybe, there was joy; Now nothing exists. Not even rot; ...just this pile of ash. ; Oh yes, there was hope; Now, a silen...

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3. gdzie Nie Ma Drzew

Dusza, nie cialo; Drewne, moje serce; Tam... ...gdize nie ma drzew; Smierc, nie zycie; Stara, moja twarz; Tam... ...gdize wszystko spi

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4. Procession Of Gods And Tyrants

Gods fail; Mortals; Flesh like us; Rise now; Among us; Follow us; Valiant; I saw him; Upon a pale horse

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5. The First Temptation

Life so frail; Death so close; I have nothing; I am nothing; Emotions rot away; Decaying inside me; Leave this life; Leave this agony; Betray this hope; Fleeting, and hollow; Make them hate me

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6. Tired One

Comfort, only a memory; Sorrow, is mine, eternal; Tired of living; But what else is there? Shame, hidden beneath; A crumbling facade; Nothing is forever; ...seems a short time. ; Everything will die; ...

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