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1. All Those Friendly People

Count back anesthetize; Colours burnt into my eyes; Life for you is shades of grey; Help me, help me find my way; Lost, lost, never found; Hide your secrets, settle down; I am young and I am naïve; Te...

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2. Crowded Out

Say; Say what you see; I see a colour cascading; A lightining escaping our hearts; Though you said we were free; Catch our jackets on fences; We come to our senses and breathe; Sail; I sail out to sea...

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3. Health

Help, is on the way, Spy your victim, Touch this stance; Oh help, is fallen free; For the beast unloving whisper, Did you think that hes it? Now, through telescopes, carry a gate released keeper; Chan...

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4. Mary's Revenge

Out of the forest I; Come forth brandishing; Collective colours of a warriors mind; One night to finish this; Took our sky to ground; Bowled us overboard; Hook in the mouth of God; Rolled us undergrou...

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5. Temple

From a thousand miles above; I want lies like I want love; In the shadows of the temple; I kiss the fire like a hawk; Wave the sparks into the dark; Come on let's wait here forever; As soon as it fall...

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6. The Way Back

I'm just trying to find my way back; Over islands, to the rest of my pack; Father dearest, I have been blind; You and mother have given me all of this time; Some of us will just fly away; Some of us w...

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