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1. 13th Disciple

And perfume of white rose shroud you; Phrase of lure wavw you slowly; You suffer from delusion and reality; Spiritual world is covered by chaos; In deluge of lust, deep meditation; Shivery ensamble re...

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2. Beyond The Gates

The sky covered with weird clouds; The forest rustles and tells us ominous premonition; The earth splits and swallows all lives; Before the final war, every evil thing is ready; I left my land, as mas...

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3. Lost Misery

We forget in ancient times, weakness of the human race; Progress arose us pride, long peace took out of us; God never be able to punish us, he overestimates his power, too; Pagan watches for a chance ...

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4. The Wintermoon

So cold, so gloomy, northern land; In the depth of virgin forest; He is asleep with disgrace; He summons me by hatred heart; I ponder on the sea of chaos; And decide in solitude; My journey will be so...

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