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1. Carwars

[Verse 1]; We fell out of progress a long long time ago; Forget what makes us different and then we'll take it slow; Finally we could catch up the things that we lost when the edisons passed away; And...

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2. Finale

I always knew it would end up just like this; So pour me one last drink with a final kiss; And things always end up hit or miss I love to tell you; Yeah, let's reminisce; And all the words that we cou...

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3. Giant

Scattered in the lights; The glowing halos in the center of your eyes; Jump off holding hands; Making the memories as we take our first glance; At the falling sky; Expolding colors; Syncronized; In a ...

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4. Just Because

Their words are coming out; I can feel it here deep in your mouth; Truth will reveal itself; No need to travel for a million miles; The years can't stay the same; I kept it easy so i couldn't complain...

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5. Where Did It Go Wrong

I had to find you when I was alone; You told me you'd be there but nobody was home, You put up no effort; And don't even try; And I feel so common; You know thats a lie; You know; I have a life of my ...

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6. Youth and Poverty

It's been awhile. How the hell have you been? In a typical style watch the years spread so thin take a step for the first time. Figured you couldn't lose. Took a trip out to nowhere. Had nothing bette...

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