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1. Across The Qliphoth

Across the qlipha burst and break; Descend into formation ye inverted; Creack and shatter what lieth ye ahead; Pour forth as blind madness to bind the flesh; Piece by piece, come ye forth; Ye angels o...

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2. Agnus Dei

Qui tollis peccata mundi; Agnus Dei, Son of man; See me not for your eyes are pain; Do not force me to stab you again; For I envy every wound on your corpse; Verily, verily I say unto thee; A million ...

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3. Bread To Stone

No matter how our paradise is shaped; No matter what, there will always be a certain snake; A certain tree that none can resist; Eat now! So that I can reach your soul; Cursed, and cursed again; Spiri...

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4. Breathing Wounds

Appear! O catastrophe god; For thee only shall I breathe again; Thou beast and angel, intimate foe of all; Forgive me not for I have sinned; Angel of adversity, burden of the world; For thee only shal...

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5. Bringer Of Terror

The sources of life are bleeding; The wretch you call God has failed; Feel the presence of evil; The winds of salvation unleashed; Bringer of terror; Behold the starry wings of Satan; The chains that ...

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6. Circle Of Eyes

Circle of eyes, ball of judgement; Doomed to seek those broken lands; Circles... wheels of dry eyes; Released to embitter the sweetest of secrets; Lead me to those drowning and I shall bring water; Yo...

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7. Holy Poison

Shine through me Satan; Yes, live now through this tool of yours; Live through me, O seditious star, And like a thousand suns shall I spread thy light; Like a thousand plagues; A thousand wars; I bind...

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8. In Manus Tuas

In manus tuas, Domine, commendu spiritum meum; Redemisti me, Domine Deus veritatis; Dele iniquitatem meam; Amplius lava me ab iniquitate mea, et a perrato mes munda me; Quoniam iniquitatem meam ego co...

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9. Perdition's Light

Again I entreat thee, dazzling one, To once again embellish this quenchless soul; Redeeming curse, painful splendour impregnate; The light of utmost purity; Light to see; For blind are you who deny th...

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10. Realm Of Plagues

Winter, eternal night; Be my solace, be my light; Naked trees like they always been dead; Eternal curse; Dreams have told me, dreams have shown; The beauty of this place; Death and darkness, funeral m...

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11. Sun Of Hope

Panic, hysteria, infernally raging chaos; Salvation through destruction; Cold black sun of hope; Darkness; Your star lies cold; Blindness; Blood and ash, be my crystal; Helpless; Massdeath pole to pol...

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