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1. Forest Of Shadows

Forest of shadows; Gazing in the forest of shadows; Where the spirits of the undead come to life; Inside the forest of bewitchment; Wonders of darkness summon me; I enter the shadowy forest; Where vam...

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2. Graveland

As I journey upon the footpath; Entering graveland; Somber whispers from sentient spirits; Beckon me; Past the ancient graves; The archaic tongues are bewildering; Arcane mists rise upon the ground; E...

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3. Immortal Summonings

Under this freezing moon; I call upon the Immortal legion to rise; From the underworld in the circle of blood; I summon the lords of chaos; To unleash their destruction onto mankind; Rise from the aby...

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4. Order Of The Dragon

From the lands beyond the forest; A dark sinister ruler rose; From the ashes of chaos; His hordes moved across the lands; Like a black shroud eclipsing the sun; Apocalyptic winds carried the scent; Of...

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5. Transylvanian Bloodlust

Deep inside the Carpathian Forest; In the Funeral Fogs; Of Transylvania; Legions of the undead; Hunger for blood; Transylvanian Bloodlust; The blood is the life; There they awake; From their slumber; ...

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6. Under The Black Veil

Centuries ago in the Slavic lands; Lived a countess in her sadistic castle; Where she dwelled; She preyed upon virgin servants; For their blood; There inside the cold dungeons; Where she drank blood; ...

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