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1. Commitment Interlude

Lady-I'm tired of trying to game; (background:Game); Man-I'm tired of chicks; Lady I just wanna ask, excuse me; I just wanna ask one question; Another Lady-What, What girl; Lady-Why Can't men commit? ...

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2. Daddy

Verse 1:; So many times, I sit around, I think about how much I really wanted you to be closer to me; There for me to talk to, get advice, hold me; love me,tell me that everything will be alright; you...

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3. Gotta Be Me

Verse 1:; i tried so hard sometimes to be like everyone else; but it killing me inside cause i can't be myself; people say i should do this, telling me i should act like that; its hard for me to fight...

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4. Intro

Fundisha:; Compare me not for who I am; is what I feel and; what I feel is who I am; for each note, each word is my own expression; is what I am feeling which is inspired by God; no-one can possibly f...

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5. Lessons

Verse 1:; As a young child I never imagine that; life would be my own to claim; my own to make and create my destiny; find out what's best for me; things that were hard to see; the mistake we make ,fa...

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6. Live The Life

Chorus:; Have you eva eva eva in your whole whole life; seen the the things that I've seen; or live the life. People don't know what I go through; or imagine what it's like growing up in the hood; Hav...

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7. Never Taught, Never Told

Into Fundisha Talking:; I remember growing up in Newark and hanging out with the girl next door and; She never wanted to go home because her parents were always fighting; I ran into her the other day,...

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8. Pull a Lefteye

Verse one:; How many times do I have to tell ya; that I can't be with someone I can't trust; I don't wanna fuss no more; sweet and sour, every hour; you run around tis' fell down; got me walkin around...

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9. Wanna Be

verse 1:; I been in this game for years; and made me an artist; blood sweatin' tears came to fault for this; real live gangstas wanna be rappers; real live singers wanna be actors; comein' at ya; Fund...

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10. Wanna Be (intro)

Fundisha:; I'm trying to tell ya'll she can freestyle; (background: aight come on lil momma); My momma she a singer, she a superstar; she love me very much, I'm not gonna do a bad thing; no more; caus...

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11. You Make Me

verse 1: People told me that I would mess up my life; but i could not just deny the feelings; I felt inside of me; So sweet and indecently you pop on the scene; you just don't know how much you mean t...

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